General Questions

Q: What do I need to play the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game?
A: A Mane Character card, a 45-card draw deck, a 10-card Problem deck, plus a handful of markers to use as action tokens. Some markers are included inside Theme Decks and 2-Player Starter Sets.
Q: Where can I buy the My Little Pony CCG?
A: MLP: CCG is broadly available at your favorite trading card and hobby stores, as well as major retailers and online e-tailers!
Q: How much will it cost to play?
A: Theme Decks ($10.99 msrp) include everything one person needs to get started. 2-Player Starter Sets ($18.99 msrp) provide starting decks for two players. Boosters Packs (12 cards, $3.49 msrp) each include at least one Rare card, allowing players to collect hundreds of new cards with which to upgrade their decks!
Q: Where do I find my favorite Mane Character card?
A: Inside of each Theme Deck and the 2-Player Starter Set you will find unique Mane Character cards, as well as within booster packs of some Expansion Sets:
* Premiere Edition: Rainbow Dash + Rarity Theme Deck
* Premiere Edition: Twilight Sparkle + Applejack Theme Deck
* Fluttershy + Pinkie Pie 2-Player Starter Set
* Canterlot Nights: Princess Luna + Rainbow Dash Theme Deck
* Canterlot Nights: Princess Celestia + Rarity Theme Deck
* RockNRave 2-Player Starter Set: DJ Pon-3, Maud Pie, Rarity, and Princess Luna
* The Crystal Games: Spike + Bubbly Mare Theme Deck
* The Crystal Games: Princess Cadance and Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Deck
* Booster Packs: Canterlot Nights, The Crystal Games
Q: What is inside of a Theme Deck and the 2-Player Starter Set?
A: Everything you need to get started!
* Theme Decks: a rulebook, punch-out action tokens, a half-playmat, and 59 cards: 10 Problems, a 45 card draw deck (mixture of Friends, Resources, Events, and Troublemakers), 2 Mane Characters, and 2 reference cards.
* 2-Player Starter Set: a rulebook, 2 sets of punch-out action tokens, a full-sized playmat, and two 58 card decks each containing 10 Problems, a 45 card draw deck, 2 (or more) Mane Character cards, and 2 reference cards 
Q:  How do I collect all of the cards?
A: The majority of cards in MLP: CCG can be found inside booster packs. Some cards can be found only inside of pre-constructed products like Theme Decks, 2-Player Starter Sets, and Deluxe Sets; they are identified on the card list by an "F" for "Fixed Product." And, finally, some cards are reserved for promotional programs like the MLP: CCG Organized Play program.
Q. How easy is it to find Rare or Ultra Rares?
A. Every Booster Pack includes at least one Rare card. Foils appear approximately 1 in 4 packs. Ultra Rares are currently all foils, and appear approximately 1 in 12 packs.
Q: What are the rules for building my own deck?
A: Your draw deck must have at least 45 cards, and can contain no more than 3 copies of any one card. Your Problem deck must have exactly 10 cards, can contain no more than 2 copies of any one card, and MUST contain at least one "Starting Problem."
Q: How many different kinds of cards are there?
A: Six: Mane Characters, Events, Resources, Friends, Troublemakers, and Problem cards. Please refer to the rulebook for an explanation of how each card type is used in the game.
Q: Where can I find the rules for the My Little Pony CCG?
A: You should start with the basic rulebook, included with all Theme Decks and 2-Player Starter Sets, as well as online. For competitive play you may wish to refer to the Comprehensive Rules, available online. There are also rules for Limited play and other rules update available online. These can all be found on the MLP: CCG landing page on
Q: How do I know if a card has been updated or has gotten errata?
A:The Official Card Reference (OCR) document lists the official card text of all cards in MLP: CCG. Any bold text on the OCR indicates text that differs from what is printed on the card. The most recent OCR can always be found linked from the MLP: CCG landing page.


Marvelous Chapeau
There is a missing minus sign before the "1." It should be "-1," meaning you can confront the opponent's Problem for one less power than what's listed on the Problem.


Q. What are the Basic Rules and where can I find them?
A. This basic rulebook can teach you how to play My Little Pony CCG, and you can find it here.
Q. What are the Comprehensive Rules and where can I find them?
A. These rules are the final word on game rules and card interactions. They aren’t intended to be read from start to finish, but serve as a living reference for tournament judges and players looking for an in-depth understanding of the rules. You can find them here.
Q. What is the Rules Update Summary and where can I find it?
This document provides a summary of any new rules updated in the latest version of the Comprehensive Rules, as well as official answers to the most common rules questions. You can find it here.