MLP Series 4 Trading Cards to Feature Create-a-Card Winners

Enterplay will introduce the 4th series of My Little Pony Trading Card Fun Packs in April 2017, featuring more episodes, more adventures, more songs, and more characters - plus Fan-tastic Art Cards created by winners of the My Little Pony Create-a-Card contest that invited fans to submit their own artwork for a chance to be included in the set! Winners will be announced once the set is released, because discovery is part of the fun! Enterplay has also increased the bling factor in this latest series with special treatments like "glitter" and "shaped" card subsets. There will also be an extremely rare foil "1 of 1" set to add to the collectibility.

Super Mario Challenge Coins Coming to the Collectibles Category!

Mario and his friends flip into action with the all-new Super Mario Challenge Coin Blind Packs! These high quality 1.5” collectible coins are large, substantial, vibrant, and feature favorites like Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and more. Also included in the pack are stunning foil-stamped clear decals of favorite Super Mario icons. Challenge Mint™ packs will have an msrp of $4.99, and are anticipated to hit store shelves in late March 2017.

Hatsune Miku Tags and Cards In Stores Now

The world's #1 virtual singing sensation is here with all her friends in a special collector's set that no true fan will want to miss out on! This set features 24 stunning dog tag necklaces, 18 fun foil trading cards, and a series of 9 tattoos - look for Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO in this exciting lineup! Plus catch one of 6 eye-popping 3-D lenticular cards which appear in roughly 1:4 packs!

Zelda Trading Cards, Collectors Box, and Accessories Now Available

The Legend of Zelda™ Trading Cards are here! This stunning set includes images from 5 different games in the timeless Legend of Zelda series. Look for your favorite characters and icons in high quality trading cards, foil cards, decal stickers (clear and foil-stamped), and tattoos. You can also find these cards inside The Legend of Zelda Collectors Boxes, featuring collectors pins with such iconic imagery as the Hylian Crest, Hylian Shield, and more. With all this epic Zelda collectibility also comes new accessories like deck boxes, playmats, and card sleeves that just can't be missed!

My Little Pony Create-a-Card Contest Launched

Anyone who has ever wanted to make their own My Little Pony Trading Card now has their chance! By drawing a picture of a Friendship is Magic character, episode, or brand new scene, then sending it in for judging, anyone has a chance to win and become part of My Little Pony Series 4 Trading Cards. There will be at least 9 winners, and each will receive 10 printed copies of their card and a 24-pack box of Series 4 cards.

Equestrian Friends Trading Cards Break New Ground

The fun of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls come together for the first time ever in trading card form with Equestrian Friends Trading Cards! Each Equestrian Friends Trading Card pack contains trading cards, a FunTat temporary tattoo card, and one of nine checklist cards with a flip side that is part of a puzzle card set. You can find Equestrian Friends Trading Cards at Dollar Tree locations across North America.

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game Continental Championships at Gen Con 2016

The top players in North America will be coming together to compete for the title of best My Little Pony Collectible Card Game at Gen Con 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana! The event is Harmony Constructed format, meaning cards from all released sets are legal for deckbuilding. Prizes include stamped Night Glider, Overpowering special foils, finalist and champion playmats, over $1000 in Enterplay store credit, and even the chance to help create a card in a future MLP:CCG set!

MLP Dog Tags Return with Series 2

Series 2 of the My Little Pony Dog Tags are making a huge, colorful splash! New to Series 2 are beautiful "shaped" tags, with 9 to collect! The Mane Six appear on these cute, head-shaped tags, making expressions straight from the show, plus special-shaped dog tags for DJ Pon-3, Octavia, and Ponyville's favorite mailmare. Fan-favorite new ponies from Season 5 have also made their way into Series 2 Dog Tag packs, both on dog tags and on new high-quality foil Trading Cards exclusive to these packs. This is the first appearance of many of these characters on MLP Trading Cards, like Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer, and Sunset Shimmer!

MLP:CCG Expansion Announced - Marks in Time

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game continues to expand with this new expansion set, Marks in Time! This game-changing set introduces Problem-creating "Dilemma" cards, foals who can power up by earning their Cutie Marks, new Mane Character cards for Starlight Glimmer and each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and so much more! You can find Marks in Time booster packs and pack drafters in many local game shops now, so don't miss out on the new gameplay mechanics, the fun-filled theme of time magic, Equestrian history, and Cutie Marks, five new Song cards, more two-color cards in five new color combinations, and more!

My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards Heading to Stores

My Little Pony Series 3: Episodes is trotting its way to stores now, absolutely stuffed with pony goodness! Brand new Episode Cards let you collect the 92 episodes from Seasons 1-4 of Friendship is Magic, fan-favorite new characters from Season 4 like Cheese Sandwich and Maud Pie debut on Character cards, Song Cards with lyrics from songs heard throughout the series, and even includes 10 new autograph cards from the likes of John de Lancie (Discord), Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle), and even Weird "Al" Yankovic (Cheese Sandwich)!

MLP:CCG High Magic Expands Block 2 Content

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game: High Magic builds on Equestrian Odysseys to expand on the cards in Block 2. High Magic brings Token Friends into MLP:CCG, along with three new keywords, five more kinds of dual-color cards, and the triumphant debut of The Great and Powerful Trixie as both a Mane and a Villain. And here come the Power Ponies, swinging into action as stunning Ultra Rares and Royal Rares!

MLP:CCG Block 2 Begins with Equestrian Odysseys

Equestrian Odysseys is officially released, with booster packs and theme decks of this new expansion set that takes My Little Pony CCG on new journeys across Equestria and beyond! All-new Super and Royal Rares, single-color Problems and dual-color cards changing up deck building, Immediate cards you can play on your opponent's turn, updated card templates, and seven new keywords... This set has it all, and is the triumphant launch of Block 2 of MLP:CCG, the perfect time for new players to jump in!

MLP: CCG - The Pony Games Begin, December 13, 2013

Enterplay officially launched the all new My Little Pony Collectible Card Game Premiere edition on 12/13/13. The game features over 250 cards available in Theme Decks ($10.99msrp) and Booster Packs ($3.49), sold at hobby stores and major retailers throughout North America.

MLP: CCG - Organized Play Program Kicks Off

Players of the new My Little Pony CCG can now compete to be the best Problem solver in Equestria in Enterplay's MLP: CCG OP program. Stores will be hosting gaming sessions that reward players with special foil cards and prizes. December's OP kit features special foils Twilight Sparkle #P4 for participation and Eeyup #P8 as a prize. May the best pony win! Retailers can add their store to the "where to buy/where to play" list by contacting Enterplay at op@enter-play.com.

Enterplay Reveals plans to fans for new MLP: CCG

In a presentation to MLP fans on Saturday, August 3, Enterplay President, Dean Irwin, gave a sneak peek of their plans to introduce a fun new collectible card game based on Hasbro's incredibly popular My Little Pony brand. The game, launching in November, will include traditional starter decks and booster packs. More information and game play demos will be available at this year's Gen Con in Indianapolis Aug 14-18. To volunteer, click HERE.


MLP Series 2-Target Checklane Product Locations

Black Friday Specials & Surprise Sales!

Unbelievable deals on Enterplay's biggest brands at enterplaystore.com - Angry Birds 50% off dog tags, discounts and deals on My Little Pony trading cards and up to half off Build-a-Bear Workshop, Muttles and The Zumbies Walking Thread! These one-day only deals will help you conserve your collecting cash. Plus, don't miss our pop-up specials throughout the day, you never know what rare treasure you might discover.

MLP FIM Back in Stock! Tins, Posters and Binders join Collection!

October 15, 2012 - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Trading Card Fun Packs are back in stock at major retailers, including: Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Hot Topic, Meijer and your favorite online and Hobby shops. Each 6-item pack is $1.99msrp and comes with either a foil card or a pop-up standee. Full boxes of 30 come topped with one of four gold Discord cards. Plus, Enterplay has just released a special collector's tin featuring all six mane ponies. The $12.99msrp tin comes with 6 packs, a collector's checklist poster and. . . .a special Twilight foil card. Collector's will also be excited to add one of Enterplay's new 36" x 24" posters featuring either Queen Chrysalis or Discord, available online and at www.enterplaystore.com for $10.00 plus S&H. And, official MLP FIM collector's binders are also now in stock and available online - each binder comes with an exclusive 6-card reverse foil puzzle, 9-card protector page and a checklist for just $19.99 plus S&H.

The Zumbies Unconventional Connor NYCC Exclusive

Connor is bringing the promise of good JuJu to Booth #957 at NYCC October 11-14th. Lucky attendees can pick up this exclusive The Zumbies - Walking Thread series doll for a mere $4.00. Connor is number 13 in The Zumbies collection, and he's returned to make up for his unbecoming swag-hording behavior at his last (and final) Con.

MY LITTLE PONY - Posters and Pegasi at NYCC

Enterplay's NYCC line up at booth #957 will include an exclusive foil poster of everyone's favorite little pegasus, available for $15.00. And, the pondemonium continues with full-sized, suitable for framing posters of Queen Chrysalis and Discord priced at $10.00 each. Fans will also be rewarded with the premiere of a new foil card as a gift with purchase of any of the three posters. Take note: quantities are limited.

Transformers - Optimum Trading Card Preview Set

The much anticipated release of the Transformer Optimum Collection Trading Card series will make it debut at NYCC Booth #957. The 9-card preview set features brilliant 3D artwork and combines to form a stunning Optimus Prime movie poster. The cards are available in a striking binder emblazoned with the iconic Transformers Mask. The set will be available to fans first at NYCC for $20.00.

My Little Pony Temporarily Sold Out

MLP Trading Cards have sold at an accelerated rate and most stores are now sold-out. Some can still be found at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and Hot Topic, but there’s no guarantee that a specific store will have them in stock. Meanwhile, rest assured we are doing everything we can to get more on the shelves. Product should begin shipping again around the last week in September and should start appearing on store shelves shortly thereafter.

MLP Promo Cards Are a Rarity!

A very special Rarity™ foil card (#F40) was released as an exclusive for the Brony Con convention held recently at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. If you weren’t able to get your hands on one of these very cool cards, you will have to trade. Also, a very special Rainbow Dash™ foil card (#F37) was given out to a few hundred lucky consumers at Comic Con in San Diego. While this is not an exclusive card for Comic Con, it is a limited edition, and this is the only way this card has been distributed so far. (Look for Rainbow Dash #F37 to make an appearance at future fan events.) Check back here for news on more exciting cards and card product announcements in the very near future!

My Little Pony Fun Packs Break Out of the Gate at Bronycon

July 29, 2012 - Enterplay will debut it's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Trading Card Fun Packs June 30 and July 1 at Bronycon, a two day MLP fanfest at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to purchase limited pre-sale quantities as well as receive an exclusive foil Rarity card, the first in a series Enterplay has planned for the set. MLP Fun Packs are scheduled to arrive at hobby stores on July 11, on retail shelves throughout the U.S. And Canada the following week.

My Little Pony Trading Cards Coming Soon!

March 2012 - My Little Pony Trading Cards are coming soon! Enterplay will be launching an all-new set this July based on the popular TV series Friendship is Magic!™ It is sure to please bronies and fans of all ages! BTW, if you’re interested in giving any feedback/input on the set, just click this link: Survey.  More information coming soon!

They're Here and They're Angry... Angry Birds!

December 2, 2011 - Enterplay is launching a new Angry Birds® series of collectibles that will launch 1st quarter 2012!  Dog Tag Fun Packs, Cell Phone Charms (danglers), 2-D Colorful Shaped Erasers and more! Dog Tag Fun Packs will include an epoxy dog tag, 24" chain, stickers and a collector card.  MSRP: $2.99.  More information coming soon!