Deck: The Crystal Deck!

Deck Details from Brian Ek:

* A crystal pony deck list that includes all of the Crystallized Mane Six
* This is a fun to play starting deck with some really good rares
* Classic play style that can easily be used by anyone, including newer players
* It's a fully playable 6-color deck!Deck Details from twibuster:

Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Magic - CS (Celestial Solstice)


1x Crystal Guard, On Duty - TCG (The Crystal Games)
1x Periwinkle Pace, Agile Athlete - TCG
1x Rainbow Dash, Crystallized - TCG
1x Applejack Crystallized - TCG
1x Elbow Grease, Street Sweeper - TCG
1x Jewel Joy, Fair Feaster - TCG
1x Mercury, Crystal Messenger - TCG
1x Pinkie Pie, Crystallized - TCG
1x Amethyst Maresbury, Crystal Librarian - TCG
1x Rook Ramparts, Chess Champ - TCG
1x Shining Armor, Crystal Prince - TCG
1x Twilight Sparkle, Crystallized - TCG
1x Glamour Gleam, Deep Clean - TCG
1x Lilac Luster, Beautiful Beautician - TCG
1x Rarity, Crystallized - TCG
1x Princess Cadence, Crystal Princess - TCG
1x Bright Smile, One of the Gang - TCG
1x Fluttershy, Crystallized - TCG
1x Golden Wheat, Happy to Help - TCG

3x Gotta Go Fast - PRE (Premiere)
3x Juggling Routine - TCG
3x Critter Cavalry - PRE
1x Spread Your Wings - PRE
1x Getting Hooves Dirty - PRE
1x Dig Deep - PRE
1x Apples and Oranges - PRE
1x Royal Guidance - PRE
1x Sweet and Kind - PRE
1x The Best of Friends - CN (Canterlot Nights)
1x It’s Elementary - RR (Rock N Rave)
1x Rock Solid Fashion - RR

3x Pile of Presents - TCG
3x The Crystal Heart, Heart of an Empire - TCG

2x Windigo - TCG

1x Entertain the Crystal Ponies - TCG
1x Encourage the Crystal Ponies - TCG
1x Cheer Up the Crystal Ponies - TCG
1x Runaway Pony - TCG
1x It’s Alive - PRE
1x Distract the Crystal Ponies - TCG
2x Save the Crystal Ponies - TCG
2x Accessorize the Crystal Ponies - TCG
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