Deck: The Crystal Heart

Deck Details from Allegr0:

"This deck is centered around using a constant supply of easy-to-play friends with "Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Magic," to take full advantage of three of the powerful Crystalized Mane Six. When backed up with "The Crystal Heart, Heart of an Empire" letting you quickly play even more Friends, your Prismatic Characters will overwhelm your opponent the longer the game plays out! I made this deck specifically with new players in mind, so there are no Ultra Rares and only three rares in the entire deck. If you wanted to try out Prismatic or want to make a fun deck on a budget I seriously recommend giving it a try!"

Twilight Sparkle, Friendship is Magic - TCG

3x Golden Harvest, Beyond Her Garden - CG
3x Applejack, Crystallized - TCG
3x Elbow Grease, Street Sweeper - TCG
3x Sheriff Silverstar, Confident Constable - TCG
3x Lily, Panicked Pony - CN
3x Jewel Joy, Fair Feaster - TCG
3x Pinkie Pie, Crystallized - TCG
3x Amethyst Maresbury, Crystal Librarian - CN
3x Rook Ramparts, Chess Champ - TCG
3x Twilight Sparkle, Crystallized - TCG
3x Bright Smile, One of the Gang - TCG

3x Chic Beret - CN
3x Tree of Harmony, Seeds of Friendship - CS
3x Rainbowfied - TCG
3x The Crystal Heart, Heart of an Empire - TCG

2x The Show Must Go On - TCG
2x Rockslide - TCG
2x Cheer Up the Crystal Ponies - TCG
2x Ancient Research - CN
2x Save the Crystal Ponies - TCG
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