Deck Details from twibuster:

For all you Bulksters out there, here's a fun midrange pink/blue deck starring the one and only Bulk Biceps, Pumped Up. If he's pumped up to at least four power, this beefy speedster can move anywhere during either player's score phase. For extra fun, try putting a Ridiculous Outfit on him to prevent the opponent from confronting a problem during their score phase. If the thought of Bulk Biceps screaming through the air wearing a silly costume isn't enough, Pinkie Pie, Distracting Cheerer makes it extra hard when she's destroying the ozone with her cheerleading. Lead Pony Badge will not only help you exhaust her to activate her effect, but it will also help Bulk Biceps, All Muscle get to the finish line faster. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

DJ Pon-3, Party Starter

3x Bulk Biceps, Pumped Up - TCG (The Crystal Games)
3x Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier - PRE (Premiere)
2x Bulk Biceps, All Muscle - CN (Canterlot Nights)
3x Rainbow Dash, Cutie Mark Consultant - Generic Fixed set
2x Pinkie Pie, Distracting Cheerer - TCG
3x Pinny Lane, Bowl'em Over - CN
3x Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers - CN

3x Spread Your Wings - PRE
2x Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! - CN
3x Yoink! - TCG
2x Biff! Pow! - CN
3x Juggling Routine - TCG

3x Ridiculous Outfit - PRE
3x Lead Pony Badge - PRE
2x Jester Suit - TCG

2x Biff - TCG
3x Windigo - TCG

2x The Show Must Go On - TCG
2x Charge! - TCG
2x Storming the Villain's Lair - CN
2x Cloudbursting - PRE
2x Goof Off - CN